We have changed our name to SendSmart Solutions.

Terms and conditions

  • When using SendSmart Solutions, you agree to the current terms and conditions of the shipping company. You can find the shipping companies’ terms and conditions on their websites.


  • You will always receive a tracking number. Monitor the tracking and notify us of any delays or discrepancies. The sender should share the tracking number with the recipient.


  • Addresses and contact information for the recipient must be as complete and accurate as possible. If the package cannot be delivered, it will be returned at the customer’s expense.


  • Stated delivery times are estimates; delays may occur due to customs processing, security checks, or force majeure.


  • If the shipment is larger or heavier than stated, the customer will be charged for the difference.


  • Generally, the recipient must pay customs duties and taxes. If a shipment is held in customs and cannot be imported, or if the recipient is unwilling to pay any customs duties and taxes, the customer must pay for the return shipment if the package is to be returned or cannot be destroyed.


  • The sender and recipient are responsible for checking prohibitions, customs tariffs, and import licenses in the recipient’s country. We do not have an overview of all customs rules and procedures abroad and can only provide general advice.


  • Without insurance, you will not receive full compensation for loss or damage. Compensation is then based on size and weight, usually lower than the actual value of the item.


  • Proper packaging to withstand handling during transportation is crucial to avoid issues with potential claims for compensation. If damage occurs during transport, the recipient must notify the delivering driver and ensure the preservation of the packaging.


  • Report any damage, loss, or significant delay as soon as possible. Claims must be made within 21 days; after this period, the right to make a claim expires.
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