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Frozen fish from Tromsø

We received a request to send frozen fish from Tromsø to a place in Western Norway. The shipment had to be delivered by the next day, when the fish were to be analysed in a laboratory.

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Our good agent in Tromsø picked up the shipment and delivered it to the airport in Tromsø. It turned out then that the sender had not packed this in approved fishing boxes required for air transport. Our agent soon acquires a fishing box through his network, but it turns out that the frozen fish is too large. In consultation with the customer we agree that the fish can be cut because it is not to be used as food. The fish is frozen and the agent in Tromsø has no suitable equipment to cut this. The agent then finds a butcher with a band saw so the fish gets cut so it goes in to the fishing box. The agent rushes to the airport and ship out with the first flight and is then delivered to the recipient well within the time limit.

SendSmart Solutions has only an office in Oslo, but we have good cooperation partners in the largest cities in Norway, which can solve most of the challenges.

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Our in-house services including print and couriers mean we turnaround jobs fast.


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