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Dangerous goods by road and sea

When it comes to sending dangerous goods from Norway to various European destinations, senders face significant challenges related to accurate documentation, precise labeling, and proper packaging. This is not only necessary for compliance with international rules and regulations but also to ensure safe transportation and environmental protection. At SendSmart Solutions, we have the expertise and knowledge required to organize the transport of dangerous goods by road and sea.

Why should you choose SendSmart Solutions as your supplier?

We are always ready to help

We will be the unique supplier in the Nordics. No assignment is too small or large for us. We love being challenged to find the best solutions for you.

Service and quality

We want to make it easy for you. Our team will ensure the quality of the execution of the assignment to make sure the result is the best possible for you as our customer.

Delivery (Service) guarantee

Our team has solid experience and expertise. Every day, we receive good feedback from customers that we are efficient and provide quick feedback.


We have solid experience and a unique competence. Together with our international network of suppliers, we will find optimal solutions that suit you.

What we can help you with when sending dangerous goods


Proper documentation is critical when it comes to sending dangerous goods, which include items such as lithium batteries, pressure containers, flammable materials, corrosive chemicals, and the like. Our experienced experts from SendSmart Solutions will guide you through the complex process of preparing all necessary documents. We ensure that all papers are complete, accurate, and in compliance with current laws and regulations.


Accurate labeling of dangerous goods is essential to avoid errors during transport. Our team ensures that your shipments are properly labeled according to international standards. From correct classification to precise indication of hazard classes, we handle this crucial step for you.


Proper packaging is key to preventing damage during transport, especially when it comes to hazardous goods like lithium batteries, which can pose a fire hazard if not packaged properly. At SendSmart Solutions, we focus on secure packaging that protects your items from damage and leaks, while also considering environmental and health concerns.

Contact us today

We understand the complexity of sending dangerous goods, which is why we are here to assist. With our expertise in road and sea transport, you can rest assured that your dangerous goods, including lithium batteries, pressure containers, and flammable materials, will reach their destinations safely and in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Let us take care of your dangerous goods while you focus on your business. Contact SendSmart Solutions today for a reliable and efficient shipping service!

Transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods can be anything from batteries, equipment with batteries in them, chemicals, biological samples, gas under pressure, and other things that are potentially harmful to the environment, animals and people.

With us, you can be sure that your freight will be handled with expertise and care.

With us you will find fast door-to-door delivery of documents, packages and goods worldwide. When it is urgent,  we make sure that the shipment reaches the recipient quickly and efficiently on time.

At SendSmart Solutions, you as the customer are the focus, and we are always ready to help.

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